Tuesday, April 28, 2009

tech free!!!

ok so i am going to give up Twitter and Facebook for the month of May!!! i will be taking my time to spend more time with Jesus and get my heart ready for Africa!!! Which by the way is coming along, i only have about $1200 or $1300 more to go and it's all set!!!!

so if u need to get a hold of me Call or text me directly!!!

if you would like to help support my Africa trip you can Mail Checks to HPC with my Name(Harmony) in the Memo and Mail to HPC attn: Harmony 19202 Highland RD. Baton Rouge, LA 70809

i am so excited i can hardly wait...i was supposed to go back in 2003 but we had to change and go to Brazil!!! which i loved and can't wait to go back agian one day!!!

Dont forget My Birthday is MAy16th!!!!!!

Friday, April 17, 2009



I can not believe it's just around the corner~ it will be here before i know it...
The plane tickets are going to be purchased next week still need $2300...i am Believing BIG for GOD to do a Miracle!!!!

It's going to be such an Awesome Trip...can't wait to get on the ground to begin reaching the people of Africa for JESUS!!!

There are going to be several teams going to Africa through out the month of May and the first part of June!!

We are going to do outreaches and help with a Conference & help with the small things that need to be taken care Church but have been set aside due to other more important projects & activities.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


So many things going on can't seem to slow down and loving ever bit of it...don't even know where to start there has been so much going on sometimes everything in my head is going so fast i cant even get it out in word. It's like I'll be talking and then jump to something else and people are like wait where did that come from and what happen to what you where just talking about...whats worst is i will have already forgot what i was talking about hahaha so that makes things a little more challenging. i got to keep my head to gather...Crazy but love it!!!!

I am still in need of funds for my Africa Trip!!! Like $3000 in Funds!!! Please Check out: http://hubpages.com/hub/HPCAFRICA

We kicked off Servolution April 3rd and it has been absolutely amazing!!! It actually started months and weeks before. And the Sunday before we...finalizing all the outreaches, gathered up supplies and checked off every list and making sure leader packets had every bit of information possible. We were doing 20 something hours days up until and throughout the 7days of servolution and i would do it all over again in a heartbeat!!!

So many Church and people around the globe joined in on doing servolution in their local communities!!!

Reaching the Widows and elderly in assisted living and nursing Homes.
Showing the single Mom that there is a God who values her beyond her understanding!
Bring Watermelon to High school students letting them know that they matter to God & they can be used by Him even if the are young.
Loving on Foster Care kids letting them know that there is hope and future planned for them by a Loving God!
Cleaning up the trash along the streets in the intercity.
Feeding the service men and women, who protect our communities,
Passing out Gum Downtown to Business men and women encouraging them!

So many stories you should check out: www.Servolution.org

Isn't just a 7day thing it's a way of living, it's a lifestyle!!!

It's not about you it's about other to come to know the One who gave it all for us!!!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


March 31,2009

Africa Bound!!!

I have a wonderful opportunity to go to Africa May 27th -June 6th 2009 with Student ministries and Serve team from Healing Place Church. We will be helping at the Healing Place campuses in Mozambique and Swaziland Africa.

We want to be available to what ever Pastor Ben & Susan Rogers (Swaziland) and Pastors Isaac & Carol Williams (Mozambique) need & to be a blessing to the people in the community. We will be doing lots of outreaches in the communities surrounding the campuses loving on the kids, some leadership training and possible help with hosting a Pastors Conference!!! We may also get a chance to visit and help at care points set up with Children's Cup. Who are caring daily for the orphans and widows, providing education, medical care as well as providing them with meals.

I would like to you give you the opportunity to be apart with out having to get on a plane and I would be so honored to have your support. The total cost for the trip is $3500 and the trip is fast approaching!! I know that $3500 is an overwhelming amount but whatever you feel led to give is much appreciated, it could be $5, $25, $50 or even $100. So please be in prayer.

If 35 people give $100 the trip would be covered.

I need $2000 in the Next TEN DAYS!!!! We need to purchase the Plane tickets.

The balance of $1500 is Due APRIL 20th, 2009

Your prayers for our team as we prepare and as well during our travel time is much needed. I appreciate your support with finances and prayers or just prayers!!!

Your check would need to be made out to Healing Place Church and in the memo: Harmony Head

The address is:

Healing Place Church Attn: Harmony Head

19202 Highland Rd. Baton Rouge, LA 70809

Also something that is going to be very special about this trip is my brother, Conan, who is also preparing to go on this trip; we will be able to bless the families and children of Africa with the love of Jesus together!!

Reaching the world by serving ONE!!!

Harmony Head

*Your financial support is tax deductible.

here is the link to the hub page:

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Today is Saturday march 21st, 2009 $2000 is due in 7 days for the africa TRIP the link in in the post below check it out...i would be honored if you are able to support me.

Friday, March 20, 2009


I am Hoping Pray that I will get to Go to Africa this summer with Healing Place Church. i know that its crazy times right now but I know that God is My Source... i have attached a link to my hubpage about the the trip info...thanks so much!!!!


Thursday, December 25, 2008

It's Christmas, it's Christmas!!!!

Today is the big day!! Its bout 545am and I spent the night @ my parents with Lacy. I am wide awake and present time won't be for a couple hour probably fam likes to take their time :(...but what's new I haven't been sleeping much the past two nights I didn't even go to bed till 3am wide awake and I got up @ 730 and 6.I'm not sure how many days I can go with only getting a few without much sleep...since sunday till today I have gotten a total of 17 hours of sleep out 92 hours . Dang that's crazy! I would usually be getting bout 32 or so hours, that's like double the sleeping time I could of had.
Anyway I have been super busy with the christmas holidays. Yesterday morning I made 6 bread puddings...yum and tons of french bread just for that. I do love to bake and I dream to one day have a massive kitchen(well not to big, but rather large compared to most ppl) equipped with industrial ovens like almost having a side room just for ovens...I'm just talking like 2 with 4 or 5 shelves. Plus large but standard ovens in the main kitchen as well as a rather large GAS cook top. Gas is so much easier to control the heat, not sure why but I really like it better.
So anyway with all this baking and cooking stuff I do love...I could not have a bakery or restaurant after this I confirmed my reasoning. It would kill me...just doing it for a few days and my back and a specially shoulders are so tight. Like unbelievable like sometimes when I run, well most times, my shoulders get so tight I have to stop cause I can breath. That is how this feels, it terrible. Like when I was driving to moms last night I realized it was a consent pain that I could not relieve. Right now I'm still laying down now sure how tight I am I'm sorta uncomfortable cause I'm not in my bed. So I might bake a little today but hope to just rest with the fam...

The first night that I could not sleep I was watching tv, I caught the tail end of a movie about the birth of Jesus. One on Mary's last lines was so profound...right have the birth of Jesus Mary says to joseph "He will never be ours alone" wow that alone has so much meaning. We can't be selfish about our Jesus and the love that he has for us has his children. We have got to share and express his love to the world and it starts in your world the people that your in contact with daily or weekly. When we think or hear world I think we tend to think missions and other countries and forget about the faces we see in our own city daily. If we are not willing to reach them how could we dare think that God would us to reach other faces in other countries!?! THINK!!!!!
Everyday is an opportunity to reach someone and share the love of Jesus!!!
Remember acts speak...watch your acts u never know who's watching.